PESCaDO Ontology (Version 3.0)

In order to be able to offer user-tailored environmental decision support  services, we need to convert the raw environmental data into structured unified content.

For this purpose, the  environmental data extracted from the web is integrated into an environmental knowledge base (KB).
Our KB, which is codified in the standard semantic web ontology language OWL, is organized in several submodules, and it covers environmental information such as meteorological conditions and phenomena, air quality, and pollen, as well as other relevant environment-related information essential for a targeted user-tailored service: travel and traffic information, human diseases, geographical data, monitoring station details, user profile details, etc. In addition, the KB is also capable of formally representing the description of the user's inquiry.

Below, we provide a documentation of the KB and the KB itself, as well as some images showing excerpts of the content of some modules of the KB.
The ontology and its documentation are distributed according to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (version 3.0) licence.

Documentation: PESCaDO Ontology documentation (Version 3.0)

Ontology: (Version 3.0)